Chocolate Indulgence: Losing Weight With Dark Chocolates
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Chocolate Indulgence: Losing Weight With Dark Chocolates

facts about dark chocolates and losing weight

Are you one of those who love chocolates so much but still need to lose some weight? Your mouth practically waters at the mere sight of chocolates, but something inside tells you that eating chocolates will make you fat. Well, it looks like splurging on chocolates may actually be good for people who are trying to lose weight. You might be wondering how this came to be since you must have always known chocolates are fattening. Not all chocolates are bad, as it is, especially when you are dealing with dark chocolates. You have probably heard that dark chocolates have heart-friendly properties, but you have been made to believe that they are essentially fattening, nonetheless, so how can they be good for those who want to lose weight?

Ironic as it sounds, dark chocolates actually curb one’s appetite. This is because dark chocolates are made from pure cocoa phenol which besides having the capacity to lower blood pressure also makes dark chocolates more filling. Eating dark chocolates for dessert therefore makes you pleasantly full so you are less likely to crave for sweets and salty foods. Dark chocolates are also fat absorbers. They have more fiber content, and fiber, as you know has fat-absorbing qualities.

The benefits of dark chocolates go beyond the weight loss sphere. Also blessed with an abundance of antioxidants, dark chocolates would contribute in a big way in delaying the ageing process and boost the immune system. And they are also good mood lifters. Eating dark chocolates induces the release of endorphins that make you feel good. When you happen to be feeling down in the dumps, dark chocolates can serve as comfort foods.

The effects of dark chocolates on heart function cannot be dismissed either. Studies have shown that dark chocolates can lower LDL levels and hypertension.

One very interest fact about chocolates is that while they may contain fats, only a third of it constitutes the bad fats. The fats that are found in chocolates are oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid. Oleic acid bears the classification of a monounsaturated fat or the good fat. Stearic acid, despite being a saturated fat, has been found not to affect cholesterol levels, making it still essentially good for you. Palmitic acid, on the other hand, is what increases cholesterol levels, but since it makes up just one third of the total fat content of chocolates, eating chocolates would still have more pros than the cons.

The general rule when it comes to chocolates is, the darker the chocolate, the more health giving properties it contains. So, don’t worry when the need to indulge in sweets comes up. Given the abundance of health benefits of dark chocolates, you have every reason to indulge once in a while. But, of course, there’s always the saying that too much of anything cannot be good, and the same can be said of chocolates. Indeed, you cannot have too many bars of chocolates in just one sitting. One 100-gram bar a day should be enough to satisfy your cravings while allowing you to enjoy the health benefits as well, and remember to eat slowly to savour the bittersweet taste of chocolates.

Knowing that there’s a chocolate variety that is suited for persons wanting to lose weight offers great relief for chocolate lovers.


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