Review: Yo Crunch Lowfat Yogurt with Oreos or M&Ms
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Review: Yo Crunch Lowfat Yogurt with Oreos or M&Ms

This is a review of the great Yo-Crunch yogurt available in various flavors.

If you are looking to try a great new yogurt, Yo-Crunch might just be the one for you. This yogurt comes in several different flavors. I recently tried the Oreo and M&Ms. They were both great flavors! You can find so many different options available in the Yo-Crunch brand. It honestly will shock you when you find new ones at the store.

The Yo-Crunch comes in a package of four packages. Each one has vanilla yogurt and then something sweet to mix into it. The ones I tried are Oreos and M&Ms, but they also have other flavors such as cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies. I paid $2.25 for a package of four at Wal-Mart. I have also seen these at local grocery stores. They seem to be available anywhere you can buy yogurt.

You stir up the Oreos into the yogurt and it is just the right amount. You will get a bit of flavor with every single bit of the vanilla yogurt. I loved the way that these flavors tasted together! This is an amazing combination that helps with the diet. It will fulfill your sweet tooth, but keep your calories down low at the same time.

The Oreo Yo-Crunch has 120 calories per serving. The M&M Yo-Crunch has 140 calories per serving. This is low calorie for a snack that still fulfills your sweet tooth. These must be refrigerated. They do have milk, wheat and soy if anyone has allergies. They only have 2.5g of fat per serving and 85mg of sodium. It has 15% of your Vitamin D for the day and also 4% of the amount of Vitaman A you need.

You can also buy these in 100 calorie packs. Several varieties can be purchased in a larger yogurt container that you buy one at a time. This is a great way to try out different flavors such as Nestle Crunch. Why miss out on your candy bars when you can mix it up in some vanilla yogurt and enjoy it? 

Yo-Crunch also makes new flavors based on holidays so keep your eyes out for them. Around Halloween, they had special packages. You could get Reese Pieces to mix into your yogurt.

This Yo-Crunch was a very satisfying snack! I will be purchasing it again in the future and would highly recommend trying it out! You will love this low fat yogurt with a touch of sweet! 

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Comments (7)

Super review. Promoted.

nicely presented review on 2 popular snacks!

Excellent review. Well written. Voted up.

Gee, ruin one of the heathier substances on Earth by polluting it with junk food? What are people thinking??


omg this was the worse yogurt i've ever had!! it tasted like sour milk and it didnt expire for months. i had to rinse my mouth after i ate it. 50 thumbs down!!!


this yogurt was the worst thing ive ever had the misfourtune to put in my mouth. when it touched my tounge, i instantly threw up. dont ever buy this sewage that i just put in my mouth. you might just die.

Made me hungry (not kidding). A good review Mandy.