Vegetables and Fruits - Ideal for Losing Weight
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Vegetables and Fruits - Ideal for Losing Weight

A diet consisting of vegetables and fruits help in taking care of all nutritional needs of an individual besides helping in losing weight naturally !

Almost all Vegetables , green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits are a rich source of vitamins, iron, folate, calcium and other nutrients which keep us feeling fit and healthy.

We have been advised by our parents and grand parents about the goodness of Green leafy vegetables and fruits.They are a rich source of vitamins,iron, folate , calcium and other nutrients.They are also relatively inexpensive while compared to other food items.Green leafy vegetables are also very light and are extremely helpful while a person is trying to lose weight.Green leafy vegetables fill you up and also help you in gaining a glowing skin, hair , and also help you in losing some unwanted extra weight.They are also recommended by Doctors to diabetics and other such health risk patients suffering from hyper tension and Blood pressure.Almost all green leafy vegetables or Greens as they are popularly called , are low in calories and are ideal for those wanting to loose weight. One can eat them stir fried, stewed , plain boiled or as accompaniments in the preparation of soups . According to some studies eating just one and a half portion of extra serving of green leafy vegetables , every day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by almost 14% .

Studies have also shown that eating lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits helps people overcome the risk of cancer especially skin cancer . A diet consisiting of vegetables and fruits help in taking care of all nutritional needs of an individual besides helping in losing weight naturally !

While buying vegetables and fruits, make sure that you buy only those that look fresh and shiny.One should also consume vegetables and fruits within a day or two when they are still fresh.

It is very important to Wash them thoroughly to get rid of all the pesticide and small pests that may be found on them before consuming them.One has to be even more careful while consuming them raw.Adding a pinch of salt and a few drops of lime juice to the final rinse of water helps in getting rid of worms or pests that may be found in leafy vegetables ,on the skin of the vegetables and fruits.

It is advisable to blanch leafy vegetables before using them in salads instead of using them raw. One should also remember to Cook them immediately after buying or at least within a few hours after it is brought home to get the maximum health advantage.

Most of the green varieties have 40 -50 calorie per serving , which amounts a cup of cooked greens.It is the same case with most of the vegetables and fruits, although certain fruits like Mangoes and Bananas may have slightly higher caalorie content.

One can make it a point to add some greens and vegetables everyday into whatever dish one prepares.It enhances the taste of any dish including meaat, chicken and sea fod besides adding nutrients to our meal.

Instead of opting for sweet and cream filled desserts it is healthier to opt for frity desserts or fresh fruits.

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Prolific write, I love fruits and veggies.

Awesome article. I love fruits and veggies. +1ed since I am out of votes. Have a great day! : D

Valuable post...and nicely composed,too. Thanks